B.D Pharma


More than 2000 approved formulations based ayurvedic medicine products are being prepared at Balwant Drug Pharma & supplied in all over India as well as in the foreign countries of Asia & Europe. Every product has been marked with its registration number allotted by the Drug License Authority of Government. The following products are being prepared by the Balwant Drug Pharma :

Name of products Quantity per unit
BDP Ashwangandha Capsule (Restorative Tonic for Men & Women) 60 capsules
BDP Tone 60 capsules
BDP Bezyne Capsule (Herbal Enzymes) 60 capsules
BDP Waitrex Forte Capsule 90 capsules
BDP D.M Forte Capsules Energy Recharger 60 capsules
BDP Grow Hair Oil (Medicated Hair Oil) Packing of 4 Bottles 120 ml
BDP H2 Liver Capsules Liver Tonic for Liver Disorder 60 Capsules
BDP H2 Liver Syrup Liver Tonic for Liver Disorder 200 ml
BDP Laxine Capsules For constipation 60 Capsules
BDP Lecure Capsules For Leucorrhoea 60 Capsules
BDP Roman Tila 20 ml
BDP Masti Forte Capsules Vital Herbo Mineral Energizer 30 Capsules
BDP Nasa Niwarak Goli An Anti - Addiction Drug 100 Tablets
BDP Normens C capsules For Natural Flow of Menses 60 Capsules
BDP Norper Capsules For hypertension 60 Capsules
BDP Piles Capsules For Piles and Fistula 60 Capsules
BDP Roman Capsules 60 Capsules