Guru Nanak Group of Colleges


Mentoring & Counseling Schemes

In every organization, a robust staff envelopment program is a key tactic to advance the organization by grooming individuals for increasing level of responsibility and creativity. It’s also key component for training, counseling and mentoring students in order to raise their appreciation standards.

  1. The main objective of counseling and mentoring is to help out each student in taking right decision for their academic and personal growth.
  2. In addition it also helps students to increase their knowledge, boost student morale and improve learning abilities.
  3. Each of the faculty member acts as a counselor in counseling and mentoring process.
  4. Each counselor is responsible for guiding a set of students of a class.
  5. Students raise their difficulties/problems regarding academics/ general facilities/ hostel facilities with their respective counselors/Teachers.
  6. Counselor/Teachers listens their problems and resolve the issues.
  7. The counseling and mentoring coordinates House and University exams etc and discuss the problems of students with Principal to find a better solution for their grievances.